I don't blame Bowser for eating Mario and his fearful brother. The two of them look like peperroni and peppers. Mmmm Italians. So, this game uses an RPG with an action element to make things easier for newbies. So on to the review.

The newest Mario and Luigi game features a new system with Bowser as an ally. The controls work fairly well, though they can be simple with their action element towards them. And the controls for the Giant Bowser Battle can be sometimes completely broken. Like when I was fighting the Fawful Express filled with the Monty Mole bros., broskis, broningtons, and browhatevers, the battle was timed which made things extremely difficult. You had to get an excellent rating for almost every breath of fire that Bowser draws. And when I was fighting the Tower of Yik I felt like I was okaying a store-brand fighting title.

But, the controls for Mario and Luigi battles are very ssimple but effective. I especially like the special attacks that Mario and Luigi perform. They remind me of dual attacks like the ones in one of my favorite RPGs, Chrono Trigger. I don't like, yet I do like, the simple action part of the battles. They sometimes make the battles overly simple and hence saves some Retry Clocks, that allow you to restart a battle after failing.

The graphics in the game are colorful and usually match any environment. The charcters from some of the other games are back as well, like the "furious" little green Fawful, and the Shroobs also appear as secret bosses. The sound can sometimes be annoying, but can also be fitting.

But the main draw of this game is how you can interact with Bowser's parts of his body by making Mario and Luigi pump up his muscles by hitting little green and red balls. These mini-games can be fun to play at times. Another draw to the game is the story that is full of laughs. Fawful is a funny character as a little green alien that yells stuff like, "I HAVE SUCTION!", but I think Bowser can beat him in the ways of humor, because he will do anything to rewin Peach, his castle, and the world, which never really happens.

This game is fairly fun, but can be simple and broken at times. But overall I found myself smiling, swearing, and having a good time with this funny addition to the Mario & Luigi series.