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The Bros are back-and better than ever.

For my first review i thought I might as well review a game that rocks so hard. Now to start off lets talk about the classics it brings back from its two prior achievements. Make no mistake, this is the best of the three but is not without some loss. Following its roots, the game succeeds in creating a storyline you actually care about. Although it follows both prior games in one aspect (rescue the princess!!) it also brings back THE most hilarious guy in the series-fawful. Although they changed his laugh (points off) he retains his ridiculous speech and insanity. Also the game follows in the first games success and second games failure-open world with side quests. The second game was large but it felt closed and cut off with no side quests. This game makes up for that and the sidequests reward you well for paying attention. The combat system remains the same, with inventive twists and new special attacks and the return of bro points (special points now).  However there is one thing that disappoints me. Final boss. In the first game the sequence is basically unbeatable and in the second its almost unbeatable. But with this game..........although it took a bit of doing, it was only one boss and then done. Reach level forty and do all the side quests and you can get over in about 7 turns. Its a fun boss battle but i always knew i was going to win it. Still, even in the face of that, the game is an insanely fun romp.  The best part? Undeniably playing as the koopa king-bowser. He's big, mean, tough and not that bright, yet he's a blast to play and it made me wonder how mario always beats him. His minion attacks are all touch screen and the boss battles where he grows to giant size are a blast. The game is hilarious and mario and luigi romping through bowsers body is a great concept for a game. Hopefully the next game (and there will be a next one) is as good as this one-or better, if thats possible.

  • Antoher classic Mario and Luigi game. Mario and Luigi games will always be around.