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  • Blog Post: Far From A Pipe Dream

    Nintendo’s stellar track record with the Mario franchise has spanned multiple genres, from finely tuned platforming to casual party games. Thanks to the talented team at AlphaDream, the plumbers’ names are also tied to the consistently entertaining Mario & Luigi role-playing titles. The... More
  • Blog Post: There Are Too Many Luigis In The Latest Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Trailer

    There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of Luigis in the latest trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. You can see him traipsing about with Mario as he normally does in the Mario & Luigi games, but you can also see him rolling around collecting himself like a personalized Katamari ball. In the... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Pushes Around A Ball Made Of Luigis

    In February, the latest game in the Mario & Luigi handheld saga was announced. It involves touching Luigi's face as he sleeps. The Mario & Luigi: Dream Team trailer from E3 shows off more odd gameplay mechanics. Taking place in both real and dream worlds, it seems the famous brothers are... More
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