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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

There Are Too Many Luigis In The Latest Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Trailer

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of Luigis in the latest trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

You can see him traipsing about with Mario as he normally does in the Mario & Luigi games, but you can also see him rolling around collecting himself like a personalized Katamari ball.

In the end of the trailer, things just get absolutely crazy.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is coming to 3DS on august 11.

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  • is this a rpg?
  • There sure are!

  • I love how this is building off all my favorite parts and characters from Bowser's Inside story! I can't wait for this come out!

  • I don't think I will be getting this anytime soon but it looks really fun.

  • I guess they're just compensating.

  • This series hasn't let me down yet. Also, so glad to see they didn't eliminate leveling like they did in Sticker Star.
  • This game is looking pretty darn awesome! I love the new battle abilities.

  • It's every Luigis' dream.

  • too much great games for the 3ds!!!

  • This game looks great! I can't wait until I get my hands on this so I can start playing it! Well, on second thought, maybe I can since it releases close to the end of summer vacation but you should get my point. I already pre-ordered it at GameStop, and it keeps looking better and better with each new trailer!

  • That last part... It's Megazord Luigi xD

  • cant wait wait XD. and that music!!! my girl yoko shimomura is all over that XD

  • Thats 1,482 by my count

  • What? Did I see turn based combat in a Mario game? Is this a new thing for them or did I miss something?