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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

There Are Too Many Luigis In The Latest Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Trailer

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of Luigis in the latest trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

You can see him traipsing about with Mario as he normally does in the Mario & Luigi games, but you can also see him rolling around collecting himself like a personalized Katamari ball.

In the end of the trailer, things just get absolutely crazy.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is coming to 3DS on august 11.

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  • Luigi deserves a bit more spotlight. Should add a few more Luigis.
  • This is really nutty. I like it.

  • Mod

    This looks like so much fun. Can't wait.

  • You can never have too much Luigi.

  • I'm not a big handheld gamer... but this looks incredibly fun.
  • These games are awesome. I love the giant parts when you hold the ds sideways.

  • This game looks so goofy, I can't wait. This is one of my favorite game series... they always have a great, new mechanic with each entry.

  • The Mario & Luigi series hasn't disappointed yet with it's hilarious writing and fun RPG gameplay.  This and Zelda are definitely my most anticipated 3DS games of the year.

  • Isn't it the year of Luigi?  It would probably be the reason why.

  • Luigi-ception
  • Everybody loves Wee-Gee!!!

  • This game looks great!  This year is going to be expensive.  >.<

  • Is there such a thing as too many Luigis?  

  • Man, I luv the 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I need to get a 3DS, Nintendo keeps putting out so many games for it. Side note: I swear that Dynasty Warriors commercial is there solely to get those at work in trouble, you have a millisecond to adjust the volume.
  • What were you expecting? Is the year of Luigi! :D

  • There's no such thing as too many Luigis.

  • they are jusst trying to give luigi his shine

  • Too many Luigi's? HA! there's no such thing!

  • Looks like Luigi's get all the accumulated screen time he missed all in one

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