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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mario Pushes Around A Ball Made Of Luigis

In February, the latest game in the Mario & Luigi handheld saga was announced. It involves touching Luigi's face as he sleeps.

The Mario & Luigi: Dream Team trailer from E3 shows off more odd gameplay mechanics. Taking place in both real and dream worlds, it seems the famous brothers are going to take teamwork seriously. Mario pushes around a ball of Luigis like he's playing Katamari. Then he rides atop a pillar of Luigis as it smashes through the ground. Check out the video below for more.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team releases August 11. 

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  • Ass

    This is actually very good.
  • I skipped the last one but this looks pretty good. I really enjoyed the GBA one, but I could never beat the last boss.
  • I just preordered this yesterday. Can't say I regret doing it.
  • Looks like most mario rpgs, glad about that, another great 3ds game
  • The only game I ever beat in this series was Partners in Time on the DS, but I loved them all. Looking forward to playing this.

  • Is it just my really weird fantasy but has anyone else wished to play with Luigi's mustache? It just looks so full and fluffy!!!
  • Luigis!!

  • Weird and quirky, but innovative and fun. Yup, this is a Mario & Luigi game, alright.

    Year of Luigi!
  • I've only played Superstar Saga, and it was good. But I want another Paper Mario RPG. Is Intelligent Systems (people who made Paper Mario) still around?
  • Really looking forward to this, lets hope they don't pull a Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and take out almost everything that made the series what it was.
  • Fine time to own a 3DS.

  • superstar was great, and this looks promising

  • I LOVE the art style of this game. Digging the dream mechanics as well, Luigi's got some odd dreams though!
  • All three of the preceding games have been incredibly fun and hilariously well-written.  Easily the 3DS title I am most looking forward to at this point, especially after how mildly underwhelming Paper Mario: Sticker Star turned out to be.

  • Why do all of Peach's diplomatic excursions turn into hostage situations?
  • looks fun

  • I really like the art style. Mario and Luigi kind of look like 3D pastel paintings, and I find the whole thing to look really artistic. Another reason for a 3DS.

  • Looking good. Planning to get one of those baby for myself.

  • That's...very intriguing. Also, I love that they are making new iterations of and reproducing so many classic series' and games.

  • Love how they preserved the art style.