Other then the fact that i had to drive 30 miles away from the city i live in to find a copy of the game,due to some shipping issues in my region. I found the game to be what i expected from the demo. the graphics are kind of dated, character movement is a bit flat, and lets not even talk about the animal voice overs. through all that, im still glad i went out of my way to pick it up. I have fun playing it.  Theres a quailty about it that reminds me of old school linear gaming. although i havent finshed the game yet, from what ive played. i'm pleased with and i would recomend it to any one who's not so worried about polish and bells a whistles, some one who just like's a good story and can enjoy the mechanics of the game and the over all feel its trying to project. If you truly love games. pick up this sleeper hit, you have fun with what it has to offer.