Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers was announced today and is playable at PAX East. Accompanying the announcement is a short trailer telling players to "Hunt Bigger Game."

Players in Magic 2015 are pitted against Magic the Gathering’s deadliest hunter: Garruk Wildspearker. Magic 2015 features the ability to customize decks, has new booster packs with downloadable content, and an improved deck builder. 

Planeswalkers has typically appeared on a variety of platforms, including Sony's, though it is oddly not releasing on PlayStation 4 or PS3. Planeswalkers is releasing on Xbox One, 360, iPad, Android tablets through Google Play and the Amazon Marketplace, and on PC through Steam. Gamers can expect Magic 2015 to be available this summer, though release dates will vary for different platforms. 

Magic 2015 is playable at booth #462 at PAX East this weekend.