MadWorld is a black and white,manga style beat em up/hack n slash game and you need to kill enemies until you have enough points to be allowed to be able to battle a boss(whilst progressing your way to where the boss battle would be).

The game gives you 3 lives to defeat enough enemies to unlock the boss fight,plus also for the boss fight itself,and if you lose to the boss you'll need to redo the level again which can be very frustrating and tiresome because you'll need to kill LOTS of enemies to unlock the boss battle.

What makes the game fun is experimenting with all the different ways you can kill enemies,and the more creative ways you kill enemies gives you more points.An example of a high scoring way to kill an enemy involves putting a tire over an enemy so that enemy's arms are trapped inside the tire and the enemy can't fight back,then pick up a street sign and stab that enemy through the neck with it and as the enemy is limping around in agony while still having his arms trapped inside the tire you can pick up that enemy and slam him onto spikes that are conveniently placed against many walls and vehicles.

Or you can experiment with other ways such as picking up an enemy and swing them around and hurl them into spikes and then picking them up and slamming them into spikes multiple times.You can knock enemies into the path of a moving train or out the window of a tall building or into saws/blades that are conveniently placed against walls or in open areas or in a processing building.You can cut up enemies with a chainsaw and there's multiple ways to cut up enemies with a chainsaw and it's possible to cut up an enemy with your chainsaw and then pull your enemy's heart out and show it to them before they die.

And if you want,you can use the good old beat em up method by using punches.You can electrocute enemies by knocking them into electrical objects. What makes the combat feel more satisfying is seeing the brutal way the enemies die,such as how you'll see them get cut in half by a chainsaw and you can smash their head into pieces with punches and when you put a sign post through their neck,they'll walk around as if they're in a lot of agony and you can choose a variety of ways to finish them off and it's the same when an enemy has a tire wrapped around them and they can't free their arms to fight back.

The controls are fluid and easy to use and this factor combined with being able to experiment with various gruesome ways to kill enemies makes the gameplay feel fun for me.You can easily pick up enemies by pressing and holding the A button and they'll be completely at your mercy before you decide to throw them or slam them into spikes etc.You can dodge enemy attacks by swinging the nunchuck but this method feels a bit awkward.Pressing A allows you to do punches and the B button revs up the chainsaw and holding B while swinging the remote allows you to strike with the chainsaw.There's other more complex special skills that I don't want to go into.

A problem with the gameplay is,the camera angles are sometimes not helpful and make it difficult to see enemies(even when you've locked onto them)and it makes boss fights harder than they need to be and combined with the fact the bosses can kill you quickly and you only have 3 lives to kill many enemies and tough bosses makes the game a little bit more frustrating than it needs to be.But the game is still fun for the most part.

As for the boss battles,the bosses come in good variety such as bosses that use enormous size and strength to inflict lots of damage,as well as a boss that sends giant tornadoes coming towards you.A boss who's as a cute,Asian,female martial artist who's very skilled with melee weapoy.Bosses who are samurai or ninja type enemies.A giant robot that shoots missles and tries to grab you with it's claw etc.

Even though the graphics are in black and white,there's a lot of red colored blood and gore. The story scenes are done very well because you'll see a city in chaos and many parts of it on fire and you'll see very tall sky scrapers. The story is about how terrorists(named 'the organizers') have taken over a city by releasing a virus into the city that will kill any infected person.The organizers said they have a vaccine for the virus and the organizers make the people in the city become slaves because the people in the city are desperate for a vaccine.The city has also become a place for a TV game show where people from the city will be contestants and will battle each other to the death hoping to receive the vaccine plus a lot of cash.

A character named Jack enters the story and the story does a good job of letting you learn about Jack's motives little by little.Jack is a very skilled combatant and audience favorite for the game show.The story has surprising plot twists to discover. The gameplay has commentators speaking throughout it as if Jack really is on TV and participating in the game show and they will swear a lot and comment on how Jack kills enemies or every time an enemy hurts Jack.

The commentators will use a lot of strong sexual language too. I like how the game's environments have variety,because besides the metro style city,there's also an Asian region of the city with a lot of Asian style buildings/influence and the enemies will use martial arts style moves and Asian style weapons.

You'll also travel to military style bases,casinos etc.

For a bit of gameplay variety,the gameplay has a bit of platforming and you can platform jump onto building rooftops and explore a bit and some platforms are moving or narrow which makes you be careful with your platform jumping or when you're maneuvering around.There's also gameplay sections that involve riding a motorbike and fighting against enemies who are on vehicles that are chasing you and attacking you and the motorbike sections are quite easy as you can destroy enemy vehicles by simply crashing into them,but some enemies will jump onto your motorbike and try to attack you and you'll need to do a remote or nunchuck movement to fight them off,which isn't hard.

The music has a very rap style to it which isn't my kind of thing,but it suits the game well enough.

The game is very short too and can be beaten in a few hours so I'd recommend this game as a rental or bargain bin priced game.

Overall-The game is an enjoyable experience for the most part with notable problems.I still can't give it higher than a score of 7.5 because it doesn't have much replay value for me,is short and not a memorable title.