It would probably surprise most people that the first Platinum game I ever played is for the Wii. Nevertheless, if Madworld aims to please the same audience that the console it was released on did, it does a poor job.  Throughout the course of the game enough blood is shown in the screen to make a river out of it, and the sadistic fights make this a not very appealing product for concerned parents. These same aspects that made the game unsavory for that crowd, actually makes it a blast to play for hardcore gamers like myself.

Madworld’s setting is completely shown in black and white. Only the blood, of which there are tons, is red, to emphasize Madworld’s ridiculous violence. The game takes place in a fictional place called Varrigan City. The city is on an island, which makes it easy for a group of terrorists called “the Organizers” to take it over, take the citizens as hostages, and sever all communications with the outside world. These terrorists organize a televised competition called “Death Watch” within the city, where competitors must kill each other to become the number one contestant and take home a cash prize. Players control Jack, a mysterious contestant who is thrown into the thick of things, and must try to win. This is a gory competition and, being at the heart of it, the players witnesses this firsthand. Visceral scenes are repeatedly shown throughout the game as Jack impales his enemies on spiked walls and cuts them in half with the chainsaw that he has for an arm.

Fun for the family! Bring the kids!

The setting seems dreary, but this is only what it appears to be. Madworld is a game that does not take itself seriously, and the game’s exaggerated animations make this clear. When a fellow contestant is stabbed through the face, instead of dying, he starts to stumble around like some drunk. To add to this comedic tone, there are some hilarious commentators trading witty banter off-screen throughout the game. These two are voiced by talented people (one of them is Bender from Futurama!), and, although they are never seen, the commentators are my favorite characters in Madworld. Regardless, besides from the excellent commentators, I did not find Madworld particularly funny. Maybe I lack the sadism required to enjoy so much violence, which is odd since I enjoyed watching the movie Saw. However, the small details did help me feel less guilty about enjoying such a violent experience.