What is Madworld? Earnestly, I can draw some lines to the No More Heroes franchise. But Madworld is truly the first of it's kind, a true motion control game that really makes you feel like you're throttling your enemies to death. And it does it without over using or abusing clunky motion controls. Infact, I would say that Madworld has the most legitimate motion control of any title I've played for Wii.

Let's talk graphics first off. I've heard endless comparison's to Sin City the movie, but this is miss leading. Sin City is a black and white movie that only colors blood and some other things. Madworld is a game in which everything is either black, white, red, and some small touches of blue-green and yellow.

But read, there is no shading. Madworld isn't black and white, its black or white. Now, it's still used to good effect, but a small number of people have commented that it hurts their eyes. Also, underneath the color scheme, all the characters are toon shaded, but you'd never really know. Madworld is definitely this generation's Killer7, despite what you might gather from this info, the choices work out and are used to great effect.     

Next combat, this title's undeniable strong suit. Madworld's combat engine is basic, nothing really flashy, offering some grabs and punches and chainsaw slashing, but it wasn't really created for brawling anyway. It's for torture. This game is the tony hawk of beating enemies to death. You rack up as much damage/carnage as you can on an oponent, then set him up for a brutal, active cutscene execution. And there's plenty of those to see. 

One sour note with this system though, the combo system for gathering points before execution is repetitive. Basically, besides hitting them, you drag them around and just skewer their head an unlimited amount of times with the level's 'head skewer' item, maybe shove a tire[or something similar] around them and that's pretty much all your options for mutilation. Now this ends up being enough to get you through to the end, but it still would have been nice to see more variation here.

But then there's boss fights! If you buy Madworld, it should be for the boss fights. This game is the finest collection of boss battles I've ever encountered in one game. {one in particular I'd even consider to be one of the best ever made} I've seen them more stylish, more meaningful, but madworld's boss fights are just plain fun to do. They each conclude with timed action command finishing sequences, these also happen within them quite a bit too. And I know, I too had about enough of them with God of War 2, but motion controls somehow revitalize this mechanic. Please take my word for it.

Next multi player and mini games. Mini games offer a great distraction in levels. Tired of hacking one guy up for extended periods? Now you can get your mass murder on. Most are really well done, and hilarious [gotta like dark comedy though], like man darts and human golf. In two player, they're still enjoyable, but not really deep enough to be make multi more than a fun, once in awhile diversion.

Now the motorcyle driving segments [are you seeing the NMH parallels yet?]. These are fun, though a tad shallow. I'm impressed they managed to utilize it within a boss battle effectively. But all in all, the driving sections are just a pleasant diversion from the main game, but not good enough that you'll be clamoring to play them again and again.

Lastly, I'd like to examine replayability. Madworld falls short here, which is especially disappointing given the games length, and it's not just because of a lack of variety in combo carnage [I should trademark that]. For one, the awesome comedy overlay starts to grate after you've heard it a couple times... and there is no way to turn it off. {Especially strange since the game has an awesome soundtrack to listen to anyway.] 

Also, the game's unlockable hard mode keeps all the levels unlocked, kind of killing your motivation to play through again. And even worse, even though carnage levels have score counters and time limits, the game doesn't do anything to entice you to go through and get the best score possible.

In my mind, these represent ridiculously missed opportunities, ones that wouldn't have taken any real work to utilize/realize.

In the end, Madworld is still awesome. It's original gameplay, story and really awesome boss fights should be experienced by any serious action fan.