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Madden NFL 25

EA Sports Unveils CoachGlass For Madden NFL 25

Why call defensive plays from your game controller when you could set it down, grab your tablet, and open an app to do it? It sounds inconvenient, but this is what EA Sports is proposing with its new CoachGlass feature exclusive to Xbox One. 

So what is the benefit of using CoachGlass? The app surfaces your opponent's offensive tendencies, including what formations they frequently run, who the primary threats on the field are, and their playcalling history. 

"As soon as the opponent picks an offensive formation, CoachGlass will recommend three plays based on either the personnel or the opponent’s tendencies, says the Madden blog. "This data is pulled from tens of thousands of online games and is tailored for specific formations and plays. Once you select your play, CoachGlass will then highlight the opponent’s biggest threats, allowing you to key in on the most dangerous players."

EA Sports also recommends having a friend use the CoachGlass to assume playcalling duties while you control the team on the field. 

Watch the video to learn more:

Madden NFL 15 releases for the Xbox One on November 19.

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  • Microsoft is getting EA exclusives on most of their games coming out and they claim they arent favoring Microsoft over Sony?
  • This is retarded... It sounds inconvenient because it is, who in the hell would want to stop in the middle of a tight game to grab your tablet for information and select a play.. You should funnel this information into a informational section within the game.
  • kind of a cool addition

  • Another USELESS addition to try and jump on the tablet bandwagon by EA and Microsoft.  The marketing heads at these companies must be so proud of themselves for divulging such a system.

  • Yeah, because the gameplay doesn't need any adjustments. When does 2k come back?

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  • Okay... this doesn't look any better on next gen then on current gen.. which is exactly why I just bought the 360 version and didn't wait for the PS4 version.

  • Stupid features no one wants.  Anything to keep them from focusing on actually improving the game I guess.

  • I think it looks like a really cool way to play coop with friends. Being the Defensive Coordinator sounds like a fun change.

  • Sounds pretty cool, not sure I'll ever use it, but...like many things, it could be a baby step into a very cool direction.  Or, like many things, it could be forgotten about in 3 years.  Why are people so quick to hate on something they haven't tried though?  Or that has even hit the market?  Weird...it's just...stupid.

  • Kind of cool, but I could see this being an annoyance.