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Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25 Celebrates Football Friday

With minicamps currently going on around the NFL, what better way to celebrate that dead zone between the draft and training camp with some new shots of Madden NFL 25.

The shots don't highlight much, but at least Seahawks fans can revel in the fact that they've won the pre-/offseason hype Super Bowl.

Check the new screens out on the gallery below, and if you want to find out about the game's new owner's mode, take a look at this previous preview.

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  • Mod
    If they really want to blow us away, they should show us some videos of the gameplay in action, or what the Start Screen is going to look like.
  • I'd buy a sports game if they captured the crowd better. I want to see people streaking across the field, drunken hooligans getting injured falling down a flight of stairs, fist fights, and more!
  • Look. at. that. HAIR!!
  • But seriously this game would rock if it had more accurate faces. Needless to say I've been wanting this for years
  • Man it looks like crap.. I'm from the era when Madden had created players, transfer rookies, created players you could alter their faces, hair, etc, and put tats on them, oh and playmaker. Smh, This one is going to be crap too 25th anniversary and Barry Sanders or not still crap.

  • This Madden looks like the worst one yet! its set in 2025 and i've yet to see football players wearing jetpacks or a woman president.
  • the graphics look good in my opinion

  • Madden...
  • It'd be nice to see a tad bit more there...

  • People constantly complain about games but yet they always end up buying it. It is a football game they cant add too much. I do understand the bad looking crowds and the lack of mascot interactions but all in all the game has been much improved other than not having the ability to have multiplayer connected careers without playing online.

  • Until franchise mode is fleshed out, commentary significantly upgraded, and online fixed (i have 30mb connection and live match always choppy, jerky no matter the opponent) i will most likely sit out. If i upgrade my stadium in the offseason, i would like my stadium to show the changes, and commentary to reflect from time to time on the renovtion that went on in the offseason. If i have an aging OLB who may extend his productivity and move him to DE i would like to do that. Go through a salary purge and trade for picks instead? Yea it would be nice to hear in the commentary. I know that the commentary may be a tall order, but showing upgrades, stable online play, player position changes, etc should be in there.

  • I like Madden.  I hope this year's Madden wins against NCAA.