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Madden NFL 25

First Look At Next-Gen Madden NFL 25

Unlike when the next-gen versions of Madden were announced last month, EA is finally ready to show the game in action.

The trailer shows real gameplay footage, and you can tell the difference from the current-gen versions. However, it's unknown at this time if the next-gen versions will feature the owner's mode like the current-gen ones.

Madden NFL 25 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will come out sometime this fall. With the Xbox One hitting in November, and the current-gen version of Madden NFL 25 hitting on August 27, naturally there will be a gap in release dates between the two.

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  • Aaaaahhhhhhhhh.. Its the game that made it into next gen and current gen console. So why it skips Wii U?
  • Just a switch to next gen, huh? No real changes?:/
  • Mod

    EA made me a believer.

  • Lol actual game footage. In what way does this look any different or better than current gen?
  • it looks ok

  • Leave it to EA to be cinematic. I buy Madden every year just because and that wont change this year but this video did nothing to improve my opinion of the genre, for better or worse.

  • madden is garbage!! the only way this series can gain respectability again is POLICE YOUR GAMES! and stop letting these chumps run ruin your games.

  • Madden is set in 2025 right? If I dont see any jetpacks,rocket shoes, or openly gay athletes soon i'm definitely not buying this  .

  • I didn't mind Madden 13 so much, although the last one I picked up before that was 03. I think the only reason I even thought it was okay was because I got it for $25 at Black Friday.

  • I also find that people calling out Madden for the progress inhibited garbage that it is is coming about 8 years too late. F*** EA for destroying 2k's ESPN games.
  • Observe- the sweaty arms and dirty dreads. It's Madden alright.

  • While this may seem dumb to some people, as someone who plays madden every year im glad all this is happening