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  • Blog Post: Breaking Down Madden 15's Top 10 Overall Players

    Madden 15's Top 10 player ratings (based on players' Overall) have come out, which naturally stokes the fires of debate. We take a look at who's on the list and who isn't, compare the list with last year's top 10, and talk to football expert and Fantasy Sports Hall of Fame inductee... More
  • Blog Post: Five Takeaways From Hands On With Madden NFL 15

    In the back of EA's booth we got our hands on the sticks of Madden NFL 15 for the first time. The jump in fidelity from last year's title to this one is immediately noticeable, from the presentation to the passing game. Here are the five most notable takeaways from our brief time on the sticks... More
  • Blog Post: Madden Gets Its First Gameplay Trailer Of The Year

    Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly was featured in our first glimpse of Madden NFL 15 earlier this year. He’s back for the title’s E3 trailer, which shows off gameplay for the first time. Madden NFL 15 is due out on August 26. The title is slated for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Releases First Madden NFL 15 Screenshot

    On the heels of signing a massive contract extension , San Francisco 49ers quarterback is staying in the spotlight as the centerpiece of the first official Madden NFL 15 screenshot. Given the fidelity of this (probably touched up) screenshot, this is undoubtedly a new-generation shot. We're not sure... More
  • Blog Post: Release Date And First Teaser

    Try to ignore the confusing naming convention (last year’s Madden title carried the number “25” in celebration of the series hitting the quarter-century mark). Today we’ve got our first (ever so brief) look at Madden NFL 15. The short clip features Carolina Panthers linebacker... More
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