Lots of rookies go from being the kings of their campuses to low men on the totem pole in the NFL, but nothing's as shocking as finding out your ratings in Madden NFL 15.

EA has released the player ratings for the top 13 overall rookies drafted in this past May, and in doing so projects seemingly good things for players like number one overall pick by the Texans, Jadeveon Clowney (83 overall); Bills' WR Sammy Watkins (93 speed, 88 catching); and Falcons' right tackle Jake Matthews (90 pass block). Left off the list were players picked in the real-life top 10 of the NFL draft like Vikings' linebacker Anthony Barr, Browns' corner Justin Gilbert, and Lions' TE Eric Ebron.

Johnny Football didn't make the top 13, but you can see his and others' reactions to hearing his player ratings in the game in the video below.

Developer EA Tiburon plans to roll out many of the game's player ratings over the coming weeks, and you can take a look at them as they are revealed at the game's official site.

And here's some rookies' reactions...