Madden simply took out too many features that made the game for me. One thing that really irked me was the inability to import draft classes from NCAA 13. Players are stuck with generic, computer generated draft classes. Analysts hyping up prospects during the season makes it somewhat more bearable because you aren't going into the draft blind. I was disappointed that I couldn't import my Road to Glory player into Madden as well. I liked going from a college freshman to playing in the NFL. Their player mode in Connected Careers is overall all right though. It is good they give the player many options of what type of player they want to be and how high or low they were drafted (if at all). Madden's lack of coop franchises only bothered me because of the simple fact I couldn't do fantasy drafts with my buddy when we're bored, which is something we do A LOT with sports games. The overall lack of fantasy draft in general is rather disconcerting. In Madden 12 they gave players the option of editing a player. This was a nice feature because sometimes rookies would come into the league far below what their ratings should be. For example, RGIII came into my madden as a 54 overall. The Madden team essentially said: "We're going to let you do whatever you'd like to your offline franchise because, after all, it is your franchise, isn't it?" Editing players made it more possible to make realistic trades that actually occur in real life by editing down or editing up player ratings then adjusting them back to their original ratings. This brings me to my next big flaw. The trade logic in Madden 13 is anything but logical. In my attempts to make a fun team with young players, mainly rookies, I ran into the abysmal trade logic. Being a student at Northern Illinois University, I wanted to have Mr. Irrelevant, Chandler Harnish on my team. Apparently the last pick in the draft can't be had for anything less than a 4th round pick. That wasn't my main trade logic problem though. I wanted to trade for Kendell Wright. I tried several different trades and it reached a point where I said "What the heck, let's throw the kitchen sink at them, then turn the game off if it works." So I offered the Titans two first round picks and a second round pick, only to be denied. There is a video on youtube that does a very good job of displaying the flaws in the trade logic system. The maker of the video shows that Tampa Bay would decline an Aaron Rodgers for Josh Freeman trade and Buffalo will decline Greg Jennings with a first round pick for Steve Johnson. Another problem is the inability to edit player positions or numbers. My friend moved up in the draft as the Bears to get an awesome lineman. However, he was not allowed to move Carimi nor Webb to guard to make starting room available for his new lineman. There have also been problems where several players on the same team have the same number. In once instance one person online had three wide receivers that were #17. There is also no ability to make roster moves, then bring that roster into an offline Connected Careers. So there is no way of working around the trade problems even before the player starts their Connected Careers file. My biggest concern is just the overall lack of customization in this game. It would be good to be able to move players around and have a little unrealistic fun with the game. After all, you are playing in an offline franchise. Who would you be hurting if you had more customization, the ability to personalize your team, and make a few roster moves? All that being said, there are plenty fun aspects to the game, but a few of these issues have been somewhat game-breakers for me.