Football. America's sport. You could say baseball used to be the king, but today, football owns the thrown. The closest thing of playing football without actually playing is Madden. This year's madden, madden 13, looks absolutely gorgeous, plays great, and stays alot the same. In many ways, that's a great thing.

 As you've figure from my introduction, the game looks great. Each year looking better, and better. Madden 13 certainly sets the bar for best looking sports game. Controls are the same, and so is the gameplay. It's all a blast to play from create your own player, to just a game. One mode that they did cut(or so I think) is franchise mode. It was so much fun being the manager cutting and bidding on players, and they just got rid of it. Sad face. Finally, the sound is pretty good. The announcers are great, and the sounds across the whole field is well done.


 Overall, Madden 13 is a great addition to the sports franchise. If your a football fan, let alone a SPORTS Fan, get this game. You won't be disappointed. Overall, I would give Madden 13 a

9.25 out of 10