“I used to play NFL football but took an arrow in the knee.”

NFL Security Guard

Madden NFL 13 is here for its 23rd season and for a person that has been playing the game nonstop since it came out a 3.5 inch floppy disk I can say that this years game has had the most changes to it since Madden 2000 on the Playstaion.

The biggest change to the game is the Connected Careers mode, this menu replaces most of the other menus in the game and is your main jump off for starting both player and coaching careers.You can choose if you want to start as a player or coach and then go form there attempting to get your NFL avatar into the hall of fame. You get to pick from any active player or a few Hall of Fame players. Most of the Hall of Fame players and coaches are locked until September (ie DLC you will have to pay for) At first the menu seemed to have dumbed down every thing but after a wile I was able to see how it streamlined the process. One of the cooler features that they added was the chance to improve your player or coach with XP that could be earned during practice scenarios that start off on the easy side ie score a TD to the difficult such as winning a game being 21 down. This are not game scenarios they are generated for your team during practice. This now gives you a reason to hit the practice facility during the season instead of just occasionally using it to figure out the newest nano-blitz. This added depth also extends to the players on your team. The all have certain weekly and seasonal goals that they are trying to reach in order to get more XP to improve. So far most of them are just tried to the position that they play and if they are a starter or not. Some of the season goals are just silly like one wanted my rookie QB to throw for over 3800 yards.

The on the field action is almost the same as Madden 12 but you can see some of the new physics in this edition of Madden. The one thing that I saw happen most often was players attempting to just run right into there blocking offensive linemen would fall or be knocked off balance from the impact. I also noticed during defensive line play that I was better able to beat the block and get after the QB. Very little “suction” blocking during the pass rush. Like NCAA 13 Madden added the ability to have total control over the passing game. But unlike NCAA 13 if your player did not have the accuracy to pull off such a throw your QB would not be able to complete it every time.

The rooking scouting this year is much more involved, as every draft plays out differently you have to check out the news and notes of the upcoming players with your in game fake twitter feed so you can find out which college football players have the ability to make the jump to the NFL. Not every rookie drafted will turn out the same on every team as this years Madden takes into account what style of player they are and if they will fit your scheme. Don’t try to get a 3-4 DE to play DE in your 4-3 because his rating and production will not be the same.

I will have to stay everything about this years madden in not the best but this is the best madden on this console generation and they have added a ton of futures that make you feel like this game is your one stop shop for all things NFL and they will only add to it as the lines between console and TV blur. I have to say that the state of the Madden football is ok but like team loaded with young players the potential for better things seems to be a year or two away.