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Haven't played the game but...

I haven't played the game and only wanted to leave a comment...apparently that isn't an option.  But without playing the game I can tell you one problem right away: the review has four paragraphs on stuff happening off the field, one paragraph on the physics engine, and one on passing.  There you have it.  I don't play Madden to be a coach and I think all the off the field stuff is getting in the way of what the core of the game should be, a football game.

I know people are going to think I'm wrong and that being a coach, running your own team, etc. is a big part of the experience, but all that should be a supplement to what happens on the field.  If the actual game of football isn't good, all the ability to pick the fastest water boy in the league won't get me to play it.

So, just to sum up, until Madden puts more focus on the game of football and less time worrying about the cost of hot dogs at the stadium, the game of Madden is going to suffer.

  • dont take take this review to seriously. In my opinion ign had the best review out of all the internet review sites. Im a madden hater so its not that im mad at the score. I think GI and gamespot [my two favorite review sites] have a flawed system for reviewing sports games especially football games. Ive only played the demo but that alone has made it hard for me to play all pro 08 [my favorite football game ever]. For the first time in a football game i wanted to watch every play in replay. No tackle is the same. The passing game seems to be the best ever. Once this game is out for a month or so id be interested to know what all the review sites would rate as the best football game of all time. I have a feeling that it will be this game. And if these sites agree its madden 13 then why didnt it rate the highest of all football games. I could be totally wrong though my attitude is the graphics could be crappy with no commentary at all. As long as the game play is an enjoyable simulation of football ill be happy. Cant wait for the 28th

  • Why the **** did you write this review, when this game isin't out yet for God's sake?!?!!

  • I agree 100%. Single player, multi-player (both online and offline), and franchise. Leave the ultimate team, become a star and all that other crap out of it. Madden is about 2-4 people playing on a friday night getting ready for Sundays.

  • i agree with both your opinion and sarcasm...
  • I get what your saying. It's just that with a sports game review that easey to do. A shooter or something a description of the gameplay is the only obvious thing to. Graphics, game engine, storyline, the way the guns react, sound, ect. However with madden you know going in it's a sports game, it football. People have a soled grasp of how to play football and what to do. So the changing features year to year to year are big part of it cuss the only big change is the teams roster break down, and new and player change ability. The rest of gameplay is minor tweaks and adjustments in gameplay and no big game hype storyline. So naturally there's going to be more to talk about out side of gameplay than in for the writer to describe. So in then end sports reviews are hard to write any other game easier.