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Madden NFL 13

Madden 13 In Action

Madden NFL 13 developer EA Tiburon has already talked about a number of new things for the franchise, and this latest trailer encapsulates some of them for you.

In the trailer below, you can see things like the motion-blur, play-action passing, ball trajectories, and tweaked icon system that are being added for this year.

Be sure to watch the new trailer, and also check out my previous preview, which has a lot more info on the game.

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  • ...Did he just throw a pass up the middle without a linebacker automatically jumping in front of it???

  • I wonder how much money it would take to get a developer along the lines of say... Naughty Dog to put an Uncharted-like effort into a Madden game and how good (or bad?) it would be.

    Madden is going to hover around slightly above average as a game so long as it has no competition and/or it's a yearly release.

    For the love of gaming, stop treating the Madden games like a cheap whore.

  • the play action looks glitchy, the qbs magically glide after the fake hand off, the passing looks better, but did i just see roy williams make a great catch, then dwayne bow drop 2? they should make the videos a little more accurate. 1 thing i want is a play design program!!!! i want to be able to draw up my own plays damn it! give it to me now!

  • Whoa cool!

  • Each time more info comes, more excited I am.

  • GRONK SPIKE!!!  I'm liking how this is looking and since it's a work in progress I know the non-fluid motions should hopefully get fixed.

  • oh yea, they added motion blur and new dance moves.  I knew they would finally make a great football game!

  • I want a demo.

  • No one knows until they play their first series, and then the reveal begins.

  • im glad that their is new announcers, i hope that this madden is great

  • Stupid ads...

  • Stupid ads...

  • That is the awesome Love it...

  • Finally getting rid of Collinsworth! I can't stand his comentary in real life & it was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me to have to listen to him in a video game. Thank you EA!
  • These trailers are always so useless. I'd rather watch 10 minutes of someone just playing the game.

  • The things I've been hearing this year from the new team sound real good, they have finally started treating madden like a a1 game! They have doubled the team and the fixes actually look and sound like they are trying to concentrate on the gameplay. All the presentation changes I could care less, I want to play a good football game not watch a game on my console, I have NFL Sunday ticket for that! But things have sounded good before and as usual the proof will be in the pudding.

  • final no more superman line backers picking off pass to a wr 15 yards down field

  • Looks great I just hope that its going to make the game a lot better

  • That game looks great... looking forward to playing it.

  • every year they make it seems like there are tons of new animation and motion capture tech. but every years their game feels exactly the same with the new addition of different roster. this game is a joke.