I play a lot of madden. More than I probably should, but my wife is busy with cheerleading practice after school and I have nothing until basketball and football season start. So I give that time to working on the house, working on my masters, and yes, Madden 12. Online I am currently undefeated. Not because I am an amazing Madden player. If I was being completely honest I would say that I am a little above average as far as skill level at that game. What helps is trying to understand your opponents. Here are some tips to help you with Madden online play.


  1. Let them pick their team first
    1. This gives you a chance to see what kind of team they are looking for. Record doesn’t matter, every team in the NFL does something well. The Browns have a good power running back with Hillis. If they pick the Eagles they have great cornerbacks and Vick. So plan accordingly. If they go with a power run game you know you need a solid defensive line. Try to give yourself the best match up you can from the start.
  2. Adjust your playbook.
    1. If you love to run the ball but don’t pass very much. Then go get the best Offensive running playbook you can find. You can even create your own, which I recommend to people first starting. Then it is your playbook, you know everything that is in there because you put it in.
  3. Try 2 on 2 games
    1. If you are first starting there are always 2 vs 2 games and that way you can player lock on a position giving you practice and a chance to play the game with some body. This doesn’t hurt your record either so just have fun and don’t worry about the wins and loses yet.
  4. Find people at your level.
    1. I loved the ranked games because it tries to put you up against people at your skill level. This can really help you find games that are fun and enjoyable for you and you shouldn’t be out gunned from the start.


I hope this helped give some advice for the online game play of Madden. Learning to play against a person is much different than the computer and I recommend that if you can’t beat the computer on Pro then you should practice a little more before you jump online. Good luck and have a great weekend.

Another thing to make sure you do, relax. If you get nervous or up tight you will make mistakes. If you mess up just relax because when you play angry you will make more mistakes.