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How Deep Is Madden's Depth Chart of Franchise & Superstar Features?

Madden gamers have been ill-served by this generation's Franchise and Superstar modes, and developer EA Tiburon hopes to revive these segments of the game with this year's changes.

Here are just some of the improvements for this year – this isn't the complete list of Franchise and Superstar mode features, however – and more details on other aspects like its online and Ultimate Team portions are coming later. For more on Madden NFL 12's gameplay and presentation, check out our previous preview, as well as the videos and screens in the media gallery below.



  • Larger rosters of 75 players – complete with multiple pre-season cut days where you have to trim down to your regular season roster
  • A player sent to IR will open up a roster spot
  • No practice squad
  • Pre-season depth charts will switch from one game to another, so you'll see the backups play the entire fourth pre-season game


  • Scouting events are: the regular season, combine, pro days, and individual workouts. The number of players you can scout for each period decreases
  • You will only find out a player's potential if you scout him through his pro day
  • Scouting info is not about .40 times, but about unlocking specific ratings – including their traits (see more below) – and a player's overall rating will fluctuate based on how much info you have
  • Ratings for rookies that you haven't fully scouted will unlock as pre-season progresses
  • Draft classes (30 new ones with randomized names/numbers and new player portraits) will feature player profiles so you can find players that fit your system (3-4, power HB, etc.), and AI teams will draft according to their priorities
  • Players' draft contract demands are based on where they are drafted, not their position and overall ranking

Continue reading for more on Free Agency and how individual players can change the game

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  • Looks pretty cool. My brother buys madden every year so i get to play it anyway.

  • Maddenites unite! Madden comes out every year on my birthday week so you can imagine what I ask for on my b'day every year. I get my own custom covers as well, and this year the winner of my custom madden cover 2012 goes Wake of the Miami Dolphins! Hate all you want. Come n try to see me when this game drops. Xbox live gamertag: vs BULLSEYE vs

  • Who cares... big FAIL again for Madden. Still not considering a deep online franchise mode for the true fabs. I am waiting for this exclusive deal garbage to finish. I know there's a developer out there with a kick ass "real" NFL football game

  • Make the discs better. My Madden 11 disc is pretty much scratch-less yet it still screws up.

  • Will this deep franchise mode extend to Online Franchise? Or do we still get a watered-down online franchise?
  • Never liked sports games, if you wanna play football, got outside haha.
  • I can't wait to kick a goal unit for my local sports team in Madden 12!

  • I did really like the weekly wrap up.  I thought that gave the game a more real life feeling, but in good news I'm so glad that they finally have allowed the player to trade draft picks that belong to the next season just like you can in real life.

  • All these changes sound good but they need to work on the gameplay itself. The pass protection can be ridiculously bad on offense and insanely good when you play defense. The linebackers and DBs were amazingly good at knocking down passes, even when they weren't looking at the ball. Instead of actually playing good defense, the DBs will get these incredible speed boosts to catch up to the receivers at the last second. The playbooks basically come down to finding those 4 or 5 passing plays that actually work and then you end up ignoring the rest of the playbook because why use broken plays that never work. The break tackling was really illogical too. Sometimes Adrian Peterson couldn't break 1 tackle going one on one with a CB and then other times he could break away from 2 or 3 tackle attempts in a row from linemen and LBs. The errant passing for no reason in the last game was hideous. The animations on the user controlled pass rushers was awful too. The feel of RBs was more akin to ice skating that to someone running on top of a grass surface. In other words Madden 2011 had some awful gameplay and that is what they should be focusing on fixing.

  • That looks like a pretty good list of changes. I like a good bit of it. For once I might have to buy a Madden in the same year it comes out. I just hope Superstar mode is MUCH better. Also it'd be great if an imported draft class from NCAA got their actual names.

  • Looks like it has potential.......hoping its gets back to how fun old Superstar mode was.

  • i hope this is better than last years. im still leaning towards NCAA 12

  • That's a lot of individual player interaction.

  • yuck todd collins