I've always been a bigger fan of the NCAA Football franchise than of Madden but the ability to keep track of my Fantasy football team while playing the game was enticing so I picked this little baby up. This game plays very similar to how all Madden games play. The announcers have an updated script which features comments about Cam Newton, Tim Tebow,  and Brandon Flowers to name a few. The roster list in multiplayer constantly updates which is refreshing so if you're playing Indianapolis you won't find Manning as the quarterback which helps. The gameplay mechanics are relatively unchanged from Madden NFL 11 but I was pleased to see that the annoying two minute warning cutscenes were 86ed. I understand the attempt to make the game as close to the real thing as possible but who cares about watching people drink water while the annoying new music plays loudly in the background. Essentially I have little criticism that is unique to Madden 12 and wouldn't also apply to the other games with the exception of one. At times the pass mechanic feels sluggish thus resulting in a sack. I want to throw that ball as soon as I either select my reciever or decide to throw it away. As a 300+ lb. lineman comes barreling for me panic sets in and i want to release the ball but sadly the controls don't react as quickly as I want them too. That is my biggest gripe with the game. Also, the gameplan option of playcall, introduced in Madden 11, is already starting to feel dated. The plays selected seemed to make more sense in the Madden 11 game than they do here. The computer selected plays are often irrelevant to the situation i.e. inside handoff on a 3rd and long? Oh well it's Madden. We play because we have to but at this point does anyone even care?