Madden NFL 12 is the newest Football game alive along with NCAA 12 and other sports franchises such as NBA 2k12 which comes out on the 4th of October but enough of that lets get down to the basics shal we. 

Ok first of all the content the games graphics have improved the slightest bit and the tackling has improved also with Franchise mode if you don't have any Madden games franchise mode allows you to manage up to 32 teams at once, you go through Pre-Season and Post-Season which starts the real games. After a certain amount of time though your least ranked players will be cut from the team(s) you picked so if you have a Quarter Back such as Tom Brady he will have the strongest amount of consistinsey throughout your game. If you also have a couple of good wide receiver's you

Creation Zone: this mode allows you to make your own NFL player, your own Team and your own Stadium!

Now lets get to the verdict MaddenNFL12 is one heck of a game but still lacks a bit on commentary from the guys in the box but overall Madden 12 is a great game.