Most people agree that Madden 11 was a letdown. Madden 10 finally had Madden going back in the right direction but Madden 11 was mainly just a copy and paste of 10. However, 12 makes many changes and improvements. Franchise mode has been improved in a big way however the new menus are mediocre. The gameplay has also been made realistic. No longer will you score 100 points in your franchise and you will no longer see guys put up unrealistic stats. Madden 12 has also improved Madden Ultimate Team this year. You can make trades and they've also added legend cards which are both welcome changes. Superstar mode was also imrpoved and made more like the popular Road to Glory mode in NCAA Football. Madden may not be up to par with sports franchises like The Show or NBA 2K, but this is the best Madden on this generation of consoles to date.