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Short Reviews Of what i think. all maddens games are the same, extra here and there and specially updated roster and new playbooks.

I saw a picture of people in a line to get first hands on madden at gamestop next to a starbuck that was getting ignore. That mean the game is good not alot of games got them stats on release date. Got give madden a 10 every madden game is a 10.

  • really your rating a game based on how many fan boys line up for it. if thats the case then "Pokemon" game most have been the best game of all time i saw dumb kidds on launched day lined up around the store for it. Hey i hear this game called cup in a ball has a huge line too go to your local and ask for it

  • Terrible kindergarten review. By the way, this years Madden blows. Did you even play the game, or did you write this Pulitzer prize-winning masterpiece based solely on how many people you saw waiting in line at a Gamestop? Once again, terrible.

  • Fantastic review. I now know exactly what to expect from this game because of your insightful comments... And yes, this is probably a troll I'm responding to... But oh well.

  • I want to write a good review but my spelling isn't that great to begin with 1. Im not a troll 2. True Terrible kindergarten review im doing my best. 3 The Review was base on the picture of the line your right about that. Im happy my review got 393 views woooo!