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  • Blog Post: Madden 12 Review: Fumble!

    The year-after-year sports game structure should be additive, with success achieved by building on previous efforts. Madden, however, seems to be in a cycle – and this year it’s on a downturn. Not since the beginning of this console generation has the series been so out of sync. Like a desperate... More
  • Blog Post: How Deep Is Madden's Depth Chart of Franchise & Superstar Features?

    Madden gamers have been ill-served by this generation's Franchise and Superstar modes, and developer EA Tiburon hopes to revive these segments of the game with this year's changes. Here are just some of the improvements for this year – this isn't the complete list of Franchise and Superstar... More
  • Blog Post: Madden Goes Back To The Future

    For years Madden fans have been screaming for changes to some of the series' legacy problems from past iterations. Last year compounded the problem with the lack of progress for the infamous Franchise mode. Still, Madden developers EA Tiburon moved the ball forward with a revamped playcalling system... More
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