Madden Nfl 10 quick fundamentals


Now many of you (who are reading this) already played Madden a lot, so some of this may not be news, but for others these two helpful hints can really help out.


Arizona: Now Arizona's team mechanic is basicallly built upon the QB throwing the right throws to gain yardage. With this, there's really no need to run the ball a whole lot. Mainly focus on throwing to the Cornerbacks as well as the exulberant (as well as one of the covers showcased player) Larry Fitzegerald. His stats are great, as well as his chance of catching ubscurd balls in heavy coverage. Good luck.


Steelers: Now the Steelers (the superbowl champions), are a pretty good all around team, that can throw and run well. But for this team, the QB has great ability to run it himself. You can simply go for a passing play and when you see a pocket open, scramble quickly to get through it (which is pretty easy for the qb given his size, and speed) and you'll be gaining major yards in no time.


~ Quick Fundamentals for the Cardinals and Steelers Fans!!