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New Trailer Confirms Delay Into 2015

It’s official. We have another delay into 2015. Mad Max, in development at Avalanche Studios, is slipping from 2014 into next year.

A new trailer shows off Max’s Magnum Opus, a car players will build in the game to replace the iconic Interceptor. The video emphasizes the importance of cars in the wasteland, and we know that (at least as of last year) building the Magnum Opus is a key piece of the Mad Max experience. 

The signature vehicle is getting a real life build from West Coast customs, and will be seen on the show on April 27. For more on Mad Max, you can check out our tepid preview from Gamescom, in which we identify some extensive familiarity in the game at that time.

Mad Max is planned for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. Avalanche Studios is also the studio behind the Just Cause franchise. A domain registration for a third game in that series was just registered and linked to Square Enix.

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  • Will buy when done (just 'cause)
  • O.o I still have no idea what this game is about. All I've ever seen of it is a souped up car that hits other cars and people. There's got to be more to it than that, right?
  • All this money going into hype has me expecting the game is gonna be ***. Plus it IS a movie game.
  • I was expecting that, I'm going to get this game, so I want them to take there time on it.

  • I can't say I'm surprised, especially since we haven't seen anything about this game ever since it was announced.

  • I can't say I'm surprised, especially since we haven't seen anything about this game ever since it was announced.

  • This game ain't never coming out.

  • I suspected this was delayed due to the work on Just Cause 3! Is there more to this game than cars? All I've seen in the two trailers is nothing but driving for the most part. I understand it's Mad Max but damn I'd like too see a bit more as I'm starting to feel like this is a freaking racing game.
  • I mean no offense, but it looks like a cheap version of "Rage." I liked "Rage," personally, but more for the shooter aspect than the driving. I'll be saving for other, more riveting games, methinks.

  • The more and more its beginning to look like Rage(which the latter took obvious inspiration from the former with), which I'm very cool with because I liked that game. Had a feeling this was going to be pushed back. Would like to see more than vehicle combat though, and hope the finished product is third person view with the cars and not first person. Bet the delay has more to do with cross marketing with the new Mad Max film coming out next year.
  • An American muscle car with the driver seat on the right?
  • This is some bs, and really sucks, been waiting for this game for a while now and already got it preordered. This is bad news lol.

  • Does the game have anything to do with the new movie?

  • I'm really, really excited for this game. As much as it bums me out that it's not coming out this year, at least it'll get more polish time. And it makes sense to have it release around the time the new movie comes out. Mad Max isn't exactly fresh in everyone's mind, with the last sequel coming out 30 YEARS AGO and all. I do hope they put in some Thunder Dome stuff, for gameplay purposes.

  • This.. doesn't look very interesting.

    And what's with the weak VO on the top half? Just so.. not Mad Max.

  • Kind of half and half on the game. Setting looks interesting and has potential but I need more information on the actual gameplay and features before its a sure thing.

    Also has anyone been able to access the site? I tried a couple days back and still cant get in. Stuck at the age gate.

  • Awww... I was really looking forward to this game coming out this year (eventhough not much is known yet). Oh well 2015 will do, as long as it's good.

  • The game looks like it could be fun.

  • Cool beans.

  • Awesome news. So glad that more companies are looking to polish a game and make it fun for their overall bottom line. Rushing a title will not only hurt their bottom line but put off fans and that's no way to treat the ones you want coming back for more.