So I have not had the pleasure of playing Luigi's Mansion for the Gamecube, but from what I've seen, Dark Moon took a good step forward, making a great identity for itself.

Gameplay: So despite it's predecessor, Dark Moon plays itself more as a puzzler than a boss gauntlet kind of game. This is emphasized more-so by the dark-light, and layout of the Mansions. It's not to say The first one didn't have puzzles, but they were not the emphasis. This almost felt like The Legend of Zelda: Dark Moon. I find it a step in the right direction, because I like the puzzle genre. Just as Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi added more puzzles to a fully developed genre to identify itself, so does Dark Moon, and it is awesome.

Controls: The controls are easy and simple to use. Despite missing a second analog for the vacuum, this is overcome by using the buttons, and doesn't over-complicate the use of the vacuum. My only complaint is trying to turn around. Not an easy feat.

Story: So the story to Dark Moon is simple. The Dark Moon, which lets all the ghosts in Evershade Valley behave (and lets them have pupils), is destroyed by King Boo, and the ghosts become blood-thirsty. Luigi is enlisted to help, and eventually is entrusted to help save several toads, and even Mario. The story isn't overly complicated, and gets the point across fine. The story is "Just Right".

Audio: The audio features great sounds for the ghosts, and even the occasional whistle from Luigi. The music gives a great foreboding and ominous atmosphere. The game isn't necessarily scary, but the soundtrack is the closest it got to achieving that. But because of that, it certainly isn't a soundtrack that will make my iPod, with exception to the final boss, E. Gadd's ringer and theme, as well as the credits.

Visuals: The graphics on the 3DS as well as the 3D effects are outstanding, and the frame rate and animation are fluid, nothing to note much here.

Anything else noteworthy?: The ScareScrapper (multiplayer), is fantastic. It's a great blend of competitive teamwork, and no lag to note for this.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is a start to a strong 2013 for the 3DS, and is the best so far.