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  • Blog Post: Aerial Supremacy

    World War II was the golden age for aerial warfare. Fighter jets, aircraft carriers, and anti-aircraft guns evolved rapidly, and victory in the sky became as crucial as conquering land and sea. Flying aces emerged from their respective nations, single-handedly gunning down hundreds of enemy planes. Luftrausers... More
  • Blog Post: Asteroids Meets Sepia-Drenched WWII

    Sony is hitting its indie support initiative hard with a collection of promising titles. Among them is Vlambeer’s 2D aerial combat game Luftrausers (a fleshed-out follow-up to its free flash game, Luftrauser ). The PS3, Vita, and PC title puts players in the boots of a Rauser pilot fighting against... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Developer Deals Death From Above

    Luftrausers may not have a name that’s easy to say (or spell), but it sure is fun to look at. The designers behind the hit iOS game Ridiculous Fishing developed this frantic shooter. You are a lone pilot trying to survive in a world of ever increasing dangers and impressive pixelated explosions... More
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