just started playing the beta and so far it is pretty fun. there aren't too many people playing at one time yet so it's not so much of a cluster which makes it easier to tell what is going on. i like the fun character design and sound effects. game play is pretty simple, you only need 3 keys to attack A, S, and D. but you can use them in different sequences and combos for different attacks. one of the other interesting aspects of game play is that instead of dieing right when your HP is all gone, you start to lose armor and weapons with ever hit, once all of your gear is gone and you get hit you die, but if you manage to stay alive during this time you can still attack until that last hit. you also have chances to run around and pick up the gear you dropped. overall i'd say it's a pretty fun filled game and it's free, so who wouldn't want to play it on a boring day?