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Lost Planet 3

Six DLC Multiplayer Maps Heading To Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 is getting some paid DLC in the form of six additional multiplayer maps. Capcom is not able to offer many details on the maps, other than the few screens in the gallery below, and the names of the maps, which are in list form below:

  • Convoy chasm
  • Inferno
  • Octagon
  • Siege
  • Spire
  • Synapse

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[Source: Capcom Unity]

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  • From what I hear the game is terrible so I won't experience these maps. Or the included ones. Because I ain't buying this game.
  • I'm curious as to how this game will fare compared to the other two entries. 2 divided the fandom quite drastically and this seems like it will divide it yet again.
  • I've yet to play any of these games. I don't like the concept all that much. Maybe I'll get around to them sometime, but probably not. The MP looks a lot like every other third person shooter. And that grenade indicator thing looks exactly like the one from Gears.
  • I don't know why map DLC gets made if the game really has no hope of selling them because the game/multiplayer is bad. Seems like wasted effort.
  • That's good and all, but this game has so much wasted promise, and is ultimately a letdown after one and two, which were pretty decent experiences. It tries new things, but gets too easily bogged down. Maybe I'd look into these if they were free, but...

  • I don't know... Personally, I thought it was alright enough...
  • It really doesn't matter which game, but I'll never buy any of these rip off map packs.