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Lost Planet 3

The Action Heats Up In Lost Planet 3

During our TGS demo of Lost Planet 3, we drilled through a scorpion's tail with a giant mech. Clearly Lost Planet 3 looks like the most polished entry in the series so far.

The trouble started when I got a call that there was a problem with the communications relay at the top of my peak. That communications relay is our lifeline to the world, so I head up to take a look.

On the way up, I shoot down a few giant flying insects. They don’t pose much of a threat, but one gets a little close and prompts a quick time event that has me dodging its stinger. My shotgun acts as a great fly swatter, and I quickly make my way to the top of the peak. A quick inspection of the relay reveals that someone has been tampering with the circuitry. It seems that we have a saboteur in our midst, but I’ll have to deal with that later. For now, I have a communications relay to repair.

Unfortunately, while I wait for my repair rig to make its way up the cargo lift, I get attacked by a giant scorpion monster. Thankfully, this beast has a giant orange spot on his tail so I know where to shoot. After dodging this scorpion’s stinger and its acid spit for a few rounds, I make it to my mech. However, the monster has retreated to a hole within the ice and I have to use my grapple hook to pull him out of his burrow and smash his face in. Now that I’ve got a giant walking tank on my side, this beast doesn’t stand much of a chance and I slice through his tail with my drill arm.

I’ll get this communications relay back up and running, but my search for that saboteur will have to wait until Lost Planet 3 hits stores sometime in 2013. I’m more excited than ever.

Read our hands on impressions from E3 here.

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  • I WANT IT!
  • Funny you should sound so optimistic here, quite a few other previews from other notable websites really tore their demo apart. I haven't read such scathing previews before for this game. They said it looked terrible graphically. That the quick time events were abysmal and complicated, and the background noise made it difficult to see who you were supposed to shoot, and who was just in the background. I don't know about this one....
  • looks like they realized lost planet 1 and 2 weren't good enough. this looks much better. glad to see capcom is practically rebuilding the story and gameplay

  • The first 2 games drove me crazy as I always felt like I was running through knee deep water.  I have played and enjoyed games that tried to slow things down a bit, but the way Lost Planet has done it never felt correct to me.

  • I just can't get into this series. I've tried demos and played parts of the commercial releases on a friend's console, but nothing's really stuck. Maybe this next one will change all that. Really digging the mech gameplay.

  • “In India, "cold weather" is merely a conventional phrase and has come into use through the necessity of having some way to distinguish between weather which will melt a brass door-knob and weather which will only make it mushy.” -Mark Twain

  • I need to see more before I commit to buying this game. I've been burned by this franchise before and have no desire to repeat my mistakes.
  • Nice.

  • I am intrigued. Lost Planet was my first 7th gen game.

  • This is the first positive thing I have seen or read about the game. Honestly after LP2, I said I was done with the series. And this title is making that decision the right one.
  • I never really liked the Lost Planet series. It was way to complicated for me. But if this does good, I'll be more than happy to give it a try.

  • Mod

    It looks neat but wish it was a story after 2 it was such a huge cliffhanger.

  • Demo first, then I'll make the decision.

  • Every trailer I see for this game makes me want it more. Its like if one of John Scalzi's books was turned into a game, based on everything they've shown.

  • I'm surprised Capcom has this much faith in LP. That said, this looks intriguing.

  • I'll be honest, I haven't ever played any of the Lost Planet series (although I've been interested in them for a while), but the gameplay looks almost identical to Dead Space, which I have played quite a bit of. Anyone with me? Regardless, this trailer looks really polished and fun.

  • This is fairly interesting. Might keep an eye on it for a while, to see how it reveals itself.

  • They got Gears of War in our Lost Planet. -_-
  • awesome!

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