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Lost Planet 3

Watch A Giant Scorpion Battle A Mech In Spark's Lost Planet 3

Somewhere, a Syfy executive is drooling. Lost Planet 3's new gameplay trailer, which just aired at Capcom's Gamescom press conference, teases a battle between a giant snow scorpion and a human-piloted mech. The trailer also introduces a new flying critter called Firewasp. If you don't down this foe quickly, it looks like it can lift you off of the ground. I'm guessing it eats you after that.

Lost Planet 3 is scheduled to release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in early 2013.

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  • I skipped the second game based on Game Informer's review, but I still enjoyed the first game a lot.
  • Glad to see the series returning to what looks like the same feel the first game had

  • Looks awesome

  • I wish they didn't lose the mercenary element they had from 2. That was how I wanted to play LP, this looks like a call back to the first, almost a Dead Space rip off.
  •    .0. 0. .0

  • Looks cool enough, though I've never played any of these games...but at one point, when he's walking towards the dish in the beginning...that just screamed Dead Space to me. :P

  • Lovec 2, andd if they keep the co-op i will love 3

  • this looks like it could be a lot of fun. some of the animations seem a bit dated. Based on the way they moved

  • I haven't played this series but now I want to. Looks awesome.

  • I still wanna finish the first game, but damn that game was *hard* and very unforgiving. I gave up a few times...

  • Very, very cool. It's nice to see someone constructing an actual story for the Lost Planet franchise, rather than mashing together another narrative abortion to justify gameplay for gameplay's sake.

  • The game reminds me a lot of The Thing.  Some of those creatures looked cool, and holy hell do those mech sequences look awesome.

  • looks cool

  • I really like..

  • Dead Space 3 and Lost Planet 3 better get their conceptual territory sorted out otherwise we're going to have a couple lame ass, half baked, sci fi, icy alien shooters on our hands.

  • I've always enjoyed Lost Planet, but had hoped to see the game evolve a bit in the controls department... depart a bit from the needlessly clunky eastern conventions, you know? So, it's obvious from presentation this entry is being westernized for a global audience... crossing my fingers for tighter inputs.
  • so it will be the battle of the 3's in 2013... has a nice ring to it..

    Dead Space 3 = ice planet

    Lost Planet 3 = Ice planet

  • Oh man, do I hope this is good!

  • These kinds of games always entertained me, hope this is good.

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