Lost in Shadow is a game of whimsy and sophisticated simplicity. The game itself revolves around a boy whose shadow has separated from his body and the shadow’s journey back.

            The look and feel of the game, with its grand scale, architectural contrasts (the jarring rusted metals of the rails, pipes and mechanisms vs. the soft pastels of the brick and mortar and the vines and grass that make it their home) and seemingly insurmountable odds, is quite reminiscent of Ico. The graphics of the game, as rendered by the Wii, were not as crystal clear or crisp as many gamers would prefer but, quite honestly, had this game been on the PS3 the ethereal quality of the graphics, which in turn give the game personality, might have been lost in high resolution.   

            Also, like in Ico, the character is essentially alone. (Many would argue that in Ico you had a companion but she was helpless and as much a part of the puzzle as the environment around you.) The soundtrack, be it a rushing waterfall, a bird in the distance or the grinding of gears, helps to solidify this. The few bits of music you do get, while quite beautiful, also instill a sense of profound immensity.

The fact that you are a shadow is taken advantage of quite fully with puzzles that require movement of machinery to move the shadows and also rotations of the stages themselves in order to create new opportunities or paths. The only drawback I found were the controls which were sluggish at best. Getting the remote to be read when pointed at the screen was d*** near impossible at times not to mention frustrating. 

Overall I enjoyed the experience of the game itself and recommend it to anyone willing to immerse themselves in something a little different.