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Lords of the Fallen

A Fitting Launch For A Dark Game

The upcoming CI Games action-RPG, Lords of the Fallen, now has a release date. You will be able to fight off difficult demons, monsters, and bosses à la Dark Souls come October 28. European dungeon delvers will be have this delivered on Halloween.

In our post-E3 preview on the title, we noted that, despite many similarities to Dark Souls, the game makes attempts to set itself apart. But even then, the many comparisons to the Souls series aren't necessarily a detriment to the game. You will be rolling, dodging, and hacking at difficult enemies in a dark world.

Lords of the Fallen will be coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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  • By the power of Grayskull!! I can't afford to buy anymore games in October :/
  • This game looks so cool

  • Just another game to get on a crowded month. Multiple games every week, my backlog is going to be so huge after that month.

  • Good to see Square is being smart about this title and releasing it in a spot where it will not get completely over shadowed and lost in the rush of higher profile games. In case people did not see the obvious, this is complete sarcasm.
  • This is very tempting. But after the disaster of Dark Souls 2, I'm not interested in a Dark Souls copy. In a way, that is
  • Why is October so appealing for games to be released. It's just ridiculous this year. I'll buy a few to tide me over then rake up on Black Friday I guess.
  • Damn you October 2014.

  • The game is published by Bandai Namco, not Square Enix. And going by the games twitter account it will release on the 28th of October. https://twitter.com/lotfgame GI please get your act together.
  • October is gonna be the best.
  • October is gonna be the best.

  • Dragon Age Origins, Shawdow of Mordor, and now this. The three games I've been excited about since the good stuff at the very beginning of the year. My wallet cries. Well at least it doesn't release on the 7th. God I love gamestop preorder. I use it like a preemptive layaway. Not that I'm poor, but I'm willing to make sacrifices for love. Love of games that is.
  • October 2014: The month that devs decided amongst each other to compete with our wallets instead of dispersing the many games throughout these arid months we are experiencing.
  • This looks pretty good actually but a terrible month to release in the sales will be awful. They should also ramp up some PR as I've barely seen a sneeze on this IP. I tried to play Bound by Flame but it's combat was far to stiff for me.

  • October has officially declared war on my wallet.

  • That sucks I already have 6 other games I want in October and the collectors edition of Destiny the month before that.

  • Doesn't look half bad. This fall lineup is getting packed.
  • So this is going to be coming out this summer oh wow now this is something else I have to get ready to get.

  • So this is going to be coming out this summer oh wow now this is something else I have to get ready to get.

  • Oct 28th is for US

    Oct 31st is for Europe

  • Yay, another great game! But seriously people.............STOP RELEASING GAMES IN OCTOBER!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Destiny is gonna have me occupied for at least 6-8 weeks. October is gonna push my backlog so full, that I likely won't get to play through each game till Febuary or March. And on top of that, The Order releases in Feb. and Bloodborne releases in March! Seriously In this Industry it's either FEAST or FAMINE. ..........Cmom guys..............
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