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Lords of the Fallen

Lords Of The Fallen Trailer Showcases Battles With Giant Monsters In The Snow

Lords of the Fallen, the RPG from the mind of Tomasz Gop, former senior producer of The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings, has received its first official trailer.

You can check out the footage below, which features a burly mustachioed man taking on a monster in a church, and then moving outside to take on a much larger monster in the snow.

Lords of the Fallen is coming to PlayStation 3 and 4, PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For more on Lords of the Fallen, you can head here.

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  • No one should be able to lift a hammer that size like that, I don't care how much he lifts.
  • I saw the preview picture before I read the headline, and thought it was a new set of witcher 3 screens. I can see the influence brought by Gop. This looks promising for sure.

  • Good stuff im always up for Rpgs like this.
  • Coming from someone involved in the Witcher 2 I'm mildly interested, but so far, it doesn't look like anything special.

  • Warhammer Fantasy vibe, I like it
  • Awesome I've been waiting for some more news on the game.

  • Not liking the voice acting. Kinda cheesy.
  • Color me intrigued

  • I've been waiting for news on this game to arrive... This trailer does not tell me much about it, but I will keep my hopes up... I don't suppose someone who was involved on The Witcher 2's development would dare to come out with a crappy game afterwards...

  • Still interested in this game, simply because terms like "Director of the Witcher 2" and "inspired by Dark Souls" are being tossed about. I mean, that sounds pretty great. But **** these pre-rendered trailers that don't show anything of substance. Might as well just not talk about it at all for awhile, City Interactive.

    It is nice to see CI growing a bit though, and leveraging their success with Sniper Elite to make more hopefully successful games. I like seeing guys like 505 Games, Deep Silver and CI grow... we need more mid-tier games out there. Titles with reasonable budgets, that can take some chances... not just high risk, bloated budget titles that use trite, well-worn, homogenized ideas and dumb everything down just to supposedly appeal to a broader audience. I'm really getting tired of games like Dead Space 3 & Resident Evil 6 sacrificing what made them unique (horror, survival elements, tense atmosphere) to just become more and more dumb, standard 3rd person shooter... just because some focus group somewhere says that 3rd person shooters sell better.

  • I'm excited & curious to see some gameplay now. It looks great to me though already.

  • yo bitches, kofxiii is soon to hit steam,you might want to say something about that.
  • Love me a good RPG! If this is groundbreaking like God of War was with the PS3 I may have to get a PS4 later down the line.
  • Hmm, seems interesting. I love a good old RPG, and I hope this one pans out.

  • I'll be curious to see how this games develops, good GI.

  • Amazing Trailer...seems fairly good

  • High on my most anticipated list.  The art style reminds me of Darksiders, but it supposedly plays like Dark SOuls.  Sounds great.

  • That is one amazingly interesting looking title. Definitely added to my list of must track games.

  • I'm not sure what at all about this trailer says RPG, but hey. We'll see when a gameplay trailer launches.

  • Big size dudes with tiny heads

    Warhammer and Warcraft lookalike

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