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Lollipop Chainsaw

Breaking News: Lollipop Chainsaw Has Crazy Boss Fights

Lollipop Chainsaw includes a chainsaw-wielding cheerleader, her boyfriend's animated disembodied head, and loads of zombies. Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise then that it also contains a number of slightly skewed boss encounters, too. How skewed? Check out this new trailer to see for yourself.

The new Bosses of Zombie Rock trailer shows off four of the game's boss battles. Watch the video below to see old-school punk Zed, Viking metal hero Vikke, funk lord Josey, and psychedelia queen Mariska.

The game is due out on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on June 12. Check out our recent hands-on preview of the game for more details.

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  • suda 51 should try to make a game that isnt over the top just for the sake of being over the top. I feel like if he settled down and made a serious game it could be amazing
  • Wow don't even know what to make of that
  • That. Was. Epicly. Strange.
  • I wish Suda would come out with something like Killer 7 again. I'm just to old and know what a woman's body looks like to want to play games like this and Shadows of the Damned....

  • haha, this game looks insane. I won't be getting it, not really my thing but I am sure those of you that do will have a ton of fun. Josey was like Bootsie Collins or the Jazz guy from the Mighty Boosh lol... and Mariska, would you be in my band?

  • Wow, if there were ever a better reason to stay away from this game, I can't imagine it. This is like the 90s Buffy crossed with Evil Dead. I guess that would appeal to some, but the execution here seems more than a little bit lacking.
  • This game is all over the place!

  • Every day since this game was announced and I saw the first trailer and demo of the game one thought has crossed my mind...if this game was a downloadable it would be a a $60 full retail game....epic fail.

    The reason I say this I think the game will get old after 4 hours or so..if this was a 3 hour downloadable....perfect.
  • Start from 00:27 in the video is showing every guy's dream. To look at the hot girls with X-Ray vision. =P
  • Zombies are stupid. But these zombies, I like. Way to take something incredibly uncreative and uninteresting, and inject something actually fun, interesting and creative into 'em, Suda/James Gunn!
  • Is that a zombie T-Pain? SOLD.

  • in related news: Acid is bad for you!

    ... this game is amazing so far!

  • I'm completely pumped about this game. I love how James Gunn wrote the script. He wrote Zak Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake, and he directed Slither. This game is going to be fantastic, I don't care what anybody says.
  • Can anyone explain to me what just happened? No seriously...
  • looks fun

  • I come to GI every day to check for any and all news about this game. I haven't been this pumped for a game since Reach.

  • That game looks so awesome to me! XD

  • "Breaking News: Lillipop Chainsaw Has Crazy Boss Fights" From what we have seen before this is breaking news? Wow... I love zombie games but this looks to out of the top for me. I've heard Suda 51 can be crazy but I have not played any of their games before to know... from this game I can see that.

  • This thing is just all sorts of crazy town. I've been on the fence from day one with this game, but its starting to look like it might just be an experience not to miss. I'm not exactly excited about playing a videogame as a cheerleader, but this things is looking so absolutely out of control that I might just have to get over my inhibitions. Whoever thought this one up has definitely spent their fair share of time in the land of narcotics, and quite possibly psychiatric institutions. If there's one thing that I always look for in my videogame experiences, it's utter insanity. Lollipop Chainsaw is looking like it will live up to that expectation and run a pretty little ladies chainsaw right down the middle of it.
  • Here i thought we knew this already.

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