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Preorder Lollipop Chainsaw, Add A Few New Outfits To Juliet's Wardrobe

Warner Bros. has revealed its suite of preorder bonuses for its upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw, and gamers are going to have to make some tough decisions. Depending upon where you plunk down your cash, you'll have access to at least one of several different outfits for cheerleader heroine Juilet.

Amazon is offering up the outfit; Best Buy is providing access to the goth girl and foxy funk outfits; GameStop (Game Informer's parent company) is letting players dress up like Evil Dead's Ash, and GameStop's PowerUp Rewards members can get Mindless Self Indulgence's Jimmy Urine.

Check out the trailer below to see the skins in action. If Batman: Arkham City taught us anything, however, it's that these exclusive deals are fleeting. You'll probably be able to score all the remaining outfits as DLC a few months after its mysterious 2012 release. For a nominal fee, of course.

To see more of the game in action, take a look at our video preview.

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  • I guess the goth is the closest we'll get to a Buffy skin, but that would be pretty rad. I fully intend on preordering this game.

  • This game looks so stupid. Why would anyone play this?
  • I hate it when they split up the pre-order bonuses. Also costumes should be free unlockables after beating the game :/

    On a personal note, I'd go with Best Buy :P

  • This game is an incredible dose of nonsense.

  • I dig the Rockabilly outfit (from Amazon) or as Jeff Cork calls it simply "the outfit".

  • I really hope that they make a Wii U version, or PC, I want this game but have no intention of buying a PS3 or 360, hmm maybe I can pick up a used 360 on the cheap...

  • Nice but I'd rather earn my costumes.

  • With what Ive seen so far Im gonnna pass. I got my mind and my wallet set on greater titles this year.

  • I'll get this but wait for a price drop.