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Lococycle Debut Trailer

What happens when a man appears to be trapped to a sentient assassin motorcycle? This.

Twisted Pixel Games released the first debut gameplay trailer for Lococycle, a new game that was previously teased at E3. Lisa Foiles voices the motorcycle, whose name is I.R.I.S. Robert Patrick of Terminator 2 fame voices S.P.I.K.E., another sentient motorcycle and her arch nemesis.

Lococycle will be on the show floor at PAX this weekend.

  • What?

  • Does really seem like a good idea for a game to be completely honest.

  • Looks like a hardcore arcade stuff. Cool!

  • ......is this really a legit game? Wow.....

  • this looks...bad

  • This looks insane and funny.

  • Hmm... I was unaware that any average Joe could be a video game developer..

  • What tha....

  • So...by the end of the game are you just dragging around a partially dismembered skeleton, or...? I don't get it

  • Talk about a serious case of road rash. Typing of which, if you're old enough to remember, was also a motorcycle game.
  • That looked like arse!

  • It's Street Fighter meets Road Rash! Who thought of this crap?
  • @_@  what

  • What in the bloody hell is that guy doing on the wheel? How is he even staying ON?

  • Why isn't that "passenger" dead?
  • seems kinda silly. . . i honestly would be much more interested in playing if there wasn't a human dangling from the end of the motorcycle

  • wait whats up with the guy hanging there it looks stupid

  • ummmmm... Cool, I guess.

    Am I right when I say that this is an Xbox excluisive?

  • There is all sorts of ridiculousness going on in this trailer...I love creativity and thinking outside the box regarding games and new i.p.s, but this does not make a great first impression.