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Blasting Its Way to PS4

Creative Director Mark Nau announced today that Edge of Reality is bringing its free-to-play shooter Loadout to PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive. As the trailer and screenshots below demonstrate, the competitive online multiplayer title emphasizes weapon creation and customization, character progression, and fast-paced, over the top action.

Loadout originally released on Steam on January 31. All features and options from the PC version are making the transition to PS4. A release date for the PS4 version of Loadout has not yet been set.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • A really fun free to play game albeit a bit limited. Certainly worth a try.
  • Sweet was gonna try it out.

  • Alright!

  • Woo! I played a little bit on pc, it was pretty damn fun.

  • Borderlands Multiplayer

  • The first thing I thought about this game was team fortress 2 and this game has amplified that a thousand times based on what I have read about it and the gameplay video. This is a great console exclusive for Sony.

  • I've never given this the chance it probably deserves, but I'll definitely try to do so now that it's coming out on PS4!
  • Looks fun. Kinda like Ratchet and Clank.
  • I love the hilarity and anarchy in this game. A jolly good time, I'd say.

  • Looks kinda Team Fortress-y?