The original LBP captured the imaginations of everyone who played it. The second one takes this to a new level. You're now able to create pretty much anything you want. The limits are your imagination and patience. There is no way you're going to create a masterpiece in one day, it takes time and a lot of planning. But if you are willing to sit through hours and hours of building, you can create something special. 

The story mode is great fun and a lot more challenging this time round. The story mode itself only takes 5-6 hours to complete. The idea of this game is to play with friends and there is a definite increase in fun when you play online, even the story mode becomes more exciting. But if you are worried that the story is too short, do not fear there are over 5,000,000 user created levels in the game. Some of them are absolutely crap, but some of them are absolutely outstanding and some of them put MM's levels to shame. 

Graphically wise the game looks beautiful and the wide range of colours add to the excitement of the game. 

The ability to create your own music and use the fantastic soundtrack gives you a sense of freedom when you are building your own levels. The voice acting is good as well.

Media Molecule have done it again, they know how to make a game that can be played by anyone. If you haven't got this game all ready, then stop reading this and get down to your local game store now or purchase it from the PS store.