When I picked up the Collector's edition of this game, I couldn't wait to play the game I had been waiting for, which was a year. After playing the game for a while, it was even better than I imagined.

The story for this game is quite amazing as you join the resistance who are fighting against the negativitron from stealing pieces from little big planet. Its very exciting to play on these levels that provide plenty of platforming. The graphics in the game are very vibrant as the colors pop out and are very smooth. The levels also look amazing and yet silly from all the things going on. The gameplay is simple as you just jump and drive easy to use vehicles. But as you go towards the creating component, it becomes a bit harder to make and create exactly what you want.

Online is fun as you join others to play many levels on the community side to experience whats out there. You can even create together which can be very fun and exciting to do. The soundtrack is very good to listen to as you get many silly, funny, and amazing sounds and songs the game provides. You can also put on your custom music from your Xmb menu or even create music in the music maker for those who love to make music. Overall the game is one the best games as a platformer and delivers the experience to the young and old, to the simple players and hardcore players of gaming.