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The Secret Electric Sackboy Costume!


The Secret Electric Sackboy Costume!

You've heard about it. Maybe tried a few different methods, but had no success. This is the ONLY way to get the costume, after the original method was patched.

To start, anything about electrecuting yourself, pausing the game, then turning off the controller no longer works. This was the original method, but was patched LONG ago. The new method is as simple, if not simpler.

First, go into edit mode, and make a long rectangle of wood. Second, electrecute it. Third, reset your costume. Then, pause your game, hover over the wood, drop by pressing down on the D-pad, then quickle pause, and rewind.

Note:This method may take a few tries alone. But if you join a friends party, and have them unpause and rewind for you, it tends to work much better.

If you now look successfully electrocuted, congratulations! Now go into your popit,and save your costume. Enjoy Your new electric skin!


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  • So I can have fun electrecuting my friends? :D

  • electrical powers away

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