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The Creators Companion


The Creators Companion

Are you having trouble in Create mode? Do your friends scoff at you pitiful attempts at getting hearts? Well no longer can they laugh! These are some surefire tips to helping you get on track with a level.

1: Using Pistons- This took me a while to comprehend when the game first came out. Pretty soon, you're going to realize that pistons are the bomb diggitty. This is a mistake I always used to make: Where you make the piston connect from, affects how it moves. Say you want to have a brick thats connected to the floor below you, that pushes up when you stand on it. NEVER, under any circumstance, start the piston from the brick! You always make your first connection from what you plan to stay still.

2: AVOID GLUE! - Glue, is very handy, but can ruin some contraptions if used incorrectly. Remember, if you have something, like an piston/winch elevator, or a spinning object, DO NOT GLUE IT!

3: Go Small - This one is fairly simple. If you're planning on making a background for your level, turn on the grid, and instead of making one massive brick, divide your background into small pieces. It leaves room for more detail, like stickers, and other materials.

4:Lots of Stickers - I CANNOT stress this enough: using stickers and decorations may be hard work, but truly helps the level if they are used correctly.Enough said.

5: Making more complex contraptions - If you really want to wow people with your levels, eventually you're going to have to make them pretty complicated. Try just goofing off in create mode: making an almost rube goldberg-style contraption with plenty of spinning wheels, magnetic keys, and pistons. Grasping how to make behind-the-scenes contraptions can really improve your levels.

6: Learning how to use Switches - Alternate Title - DO THE TUTORIALS! - Its vital to have an incredibly firm grasp on how the switches work. I really don't need to explain anything: just fiddle around, and read the tutorials.

7: Setting the Mood - Your level needs to have character. So you may want to set the fog, or lighting to something a bit dimmer. If you are going to darken the level, or obscure the screen with fogginess, always remember to do it AFTER the main level has been finished. You'll thank me afterwards.

8: All that Creative Crap - Make the things in your level varied. Don't be afraid to add a race every now and then, and whatever the level, ALWAYS add lots of score bubbles. I still make the mistake ofnot adding enough score bubbles to my levels to suit peoples needs. I'm not sure why it helps, but it really does.

9: Music is Vital - Just play some music in your level. Enough Said.

10: Abuse Glitches - MM may not love this too much, but it can greatly improve your levels: Abuse the abundance of fun glitches out there. Have fun with invisible walls (Turn off grid and shrink dark matter as small as it'll go), Make giant magic eyes and red buttons for bizzare effects(Attach them to a basic material, then simply increase the size of the item  its attached to), and just any other interesting phenomena you can find.

I hope that this guide can at least give you a basic idea on some decent ways to become a better creator. Good luck crafting your own masterpieces!

-Skater Llama

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