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Black Popit Secrets Revealed


Black Popit Secrets Revealed

You know when you first saw that guy with a black popit and wanted to know how to get it? Well its becoming more common not from collecting... but accidents with friends. How you get is simple. just hold the playstation button for a few seconds until a black screen comes up and and go to controller settings. Simply change the controller number and switch to guest. If you do not have it, repeat the process until you do. Remember there are downsides to the black popit. It makes radius's invisible and you can only tell a black sticker from the name. But it also acts like any other popit. For example those continent looking things on the planet that match your player color will now be black, as will items that change to match your player color, and your paintonator paint, but sometimes it makes rainbow paint, vomet,poop, and blood paint(something the creator of Test Subject 101 will want to look at). There is hardly anything else to know about the black popit, but making it permanant is too complicated for me to explain.
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  • neat thanks for the info ima try it :)

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