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  • Blog Post: A Innovative Game thats memorable

    I bought LBP because it was on discount, Just wanted to try this game. Then thats when I saw and felt it, It was a game meant for humans with vast imagination and creativity. A masterpiece of visuals that focus on the cartoon and child like graphics and color that mix perfect. The framerate and kind... More
  • Blog Post: Sack Boy rules

    Little Big Planet is a very good example that you don't have to have the greatest technology and graphics to have a fun game. Little Big Planet is just simply that, it is so much fun. The game offers hours of enjoyment for all ages. I can sit down and play and change my sack boy to look a different... More
  • Blog Post: littlebigplanet build weapon Call Of Duty world at war & black ops

    me set build title create call of duty world at war & black ops make create weapon with bomb machine fun idea copy weapon make in little bigplanet by ps3 jeffersonwarhawk. enjoy. More

    Hello Boomer here, i gave this game a 9.25 because i belive that the game was pretty awesome its almost exactly like its PS3 counterpart! the only thing that kept it from perfection is the grapics.... ~Boomer More
  • Blog Post: Little Big Planet: A World of Imagination

    Originally bestowed Game of the Year award of 2008 by the VGAs, Little Big Planet is a game full of creative wonder that can still be seen as one of the PS3's early success stories. With adorable kiddie charm and its still unparalleled level of user generated content, Sackboy's first outing is... More
  • Blog Post: Little Big Planet :)

    this is a great game all around. The atmosphere of it is great, the creativity, everything. I have yet to be bored of this game. Be it just playing user created levels, or single player levels. Its great fun to just play around in the level creater, simply testing all your new objects, or just going... More
  • Blog Post: Magic Enters Your PS3 Via Little Big Planet

    Back in the day before games were even a thought in the worlds head, us humans were inspired to create. And then share our creations with others. And use others creations! And then people started buying cars and doing accounting stuff and then a majority of the creative energy in the world dropped to... More
  • Blog Post: LittleBigPlanet review by schlitz1982

    Wow. This game is simply amazing. Let's start with graphics. They are detailed, even your SackBoy's moustache is extremely detailed!!! You start off not neccesarily "naked" but plain. British comedian Stephen Fry takes you through the tutorials, explaining everything yet being funny... More
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