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LBP Leads the Way to a Bright User-Created Future

LittleBigPlanet is a gaming epiphany -- one of the rare titles that opens new horizons on the landscape and changes the way you think about interactive entertainment. It blurs the lines that have traditionally separated single-player, multiplayer, creation, and community in a brilliant and refreshing twist on the familiar 2D platformer. Using this classic genre as a vehicle, Media Molecule has developed a charming adventure that mines the past to give gamers a glimpse of the future.

No matter what aspect of the LittleBigPlanet appeals to you, it all starts with the game's infectiously adorable mascot, Sackboy. He doesn't talk, but you can add tons of personality through customization, emotes, and hilarious arm-flailing (which is especially fun in co-op). He is easily one of the most likeable characters I've ever controlled -- but even with this precious little hero, it would be a mistake to say LittleBigPlanet is aimed at a younger audience. Underneath the cute aesthetic is a wildly inventive and challenging game that requires genuine skill.

As in every platformer, your goal is to move from point A to B and overcome obstacles along the way. In LittleBigPlanet, the distance between those points is full of unique gameplay that goes beyond simple ''jump over the pit'' solutions. Every rope, lever, and crazy contraption relies on a realistic physics engine; get suspended platforms swinging to reach hidden items, pilot a dirigible through the sky, or grab a spinning wheel and let go to propel Sackboy upwards. Those are just a few examples of the great moments scattered throughout the game, and the stages become progressively more amazing and imaginative. What begins as simple grab-and-pull puzzles culminates in some of the best platforming to date, with whirling cages of death and awe-inspiring boss battles.

Unfortunately, the same physics engine that allows for so many great interactions is also the source of the game's only glaring problem: short jumps. Precise landings are frustratingly difficult to negotiate -- a flaw that will force you to replay a handful of levels multiple times. It's even worse when you're playing co-op with a group of varying skill levels. However, the number of spots where this is an issue is astronomically small when compared to the number of times you'll say ''Wow, that's awesome.''

After you've admired Media Molecule's work, it's time to start doing your own. The creation tools included with the game allow you to make anything you see in the single-player story, plus just about anything else you can conceive. Spend your time creating whole levels, focus on bizarre vehicles, or give rise to deadly enemies � the whole process is remarkably easy thanks to the intuitive interface. The tools are complicated enough to perform complex tasks, but simple enough to be accessible to any motivated gamer.

Uploading your creations or checking out what other users have made (the community has already generated some astounding stuff) is as simple as a few button presses in the main menu. You can enjoy other users' content without making anything yourself, but you should at least play through the creation tutorials for yourself. By peeking behind the curtain and understanding how all the parts interact, the elaborate and mind-bending contraptions you encounter later become even more inspiring.

LittleBigPlanet's design is so clever that even if it were just the single-player story mode, I'd still recommend it to anyone. But the game's greatest achievement is how its multiple layers feed into each other. It's easy for co-op buddies to jump in and out of your single-player game, and all the while you're unlocking objects you can use in the creation mode. The whole experience is seamless, and it sets a new standard for how different modes can come together. In fact, I think LittleBigPlanet sets a lot of new standards that other titles will be striving to emulate in the coming years.

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Second Opinion:


LittleBigPlanet is the most charming game I've played in years. From the adorable Sackboy characters to the dizzying visual style that permeates every level of this title, it's an easy game to love. With its realistic physics and ingenious level designs, it breathes new life into a genre that many had thought dead, the 2D platformer. For me, it was an experience akin to playing Super Mario Bros. as a kid; it's nostalgic while at the same time completely fresh. However, it does have its flaws. Sometimes, Sackboy's movements (especially jumping) feel too imprecise for some of the more challenging levels, and the game's difficultly balancing is all over the place--? the steep jump in difficulty that comes in the Master Sensei levels will be a shock to more casual gamers. If it only contained the surprisingly long single-player career mode, it would be a fine platformer. When you throw in the brilliant and innovative level creator and multiplayer functionality, you have a title that feels like a rebirth of an entire genre.

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    LBP is a 2D style platformer with fun and creative level designs and a nice artstyle that combines realistic visuals with charming artstyle. The level designs are very fun.There's sections you'll go speeding through parts of the level on a skateboard or rocket.You can drive a car and use a jet...
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  • 10.00
    I bought LBP because it was on discount, Just wanted to try this game. Then thats when I saw and felt it, It was a game meant for humans with vast imagination and creativity. A masterpiece of visuals that focus on the cartoon and child like graphics and color that mix perfect. The framerate and kind...
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  • 8.75
    Little Big Planet is a very good example that you don't have to have the greatest technology and graphics to have a fun game. Little Big Planet is just simply that, it is so much fun. The game offers hours of enjoyment for all ages. I can sit down and play and change my sack boy to look a different...
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  • 10.00
    me set build title create call of duty world at war & black ops make create weapon with bomb machine fun idea copy weapon make in little bigplanet by ps3 jeffersonwarhawk. enjoy.
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  • 9.75
    this game sure gets close to being my favorite game ever it has such a great story/campaign and the online levels are AMAZING! YOU NEED THIS GAME!!
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  • 9.50
    LittleBigPlanet reigns as one of PlayStation's Finest. It almost impossible to describe what makes this game so great. One word: Creativity. You simply cannot own this game without it!
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